For Professionals

This 2.5 hour presentation covers the criteria for recommending a diagnosis of malnutrition, how to perform a NFPE in any clinical setting, and reviews the impact malnutrition has on patients and health care as a whole.

Practicing HAES also involves thinking about what you put out into the world. After reviewing your content, I’ll make recommendations that help you market to clients who want HAES-based treatment and make it easier for them to find you.

Inquire about freelance/ghost writing that pertains to Health At Every Size, Intuitive Eating, weight stigma, body acceptance, and weight-inclusive medical nutrition therapy.

This presentation covers the HAES and IE research, why it is important to reduce weight stigma, how diet culture affects patients and professionals, and how to incorporate HAES into your practice. This presentation is for healthcare professionals as well as supporting staff.

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